One more wheel, a whole new life.
SERVEKID is designed to help those who use manual wheelchairs. It would make a wise choice for those who want to travel long distance and drive freely breathing in fresh air but still do not want to rely on an electric wheelchair.
KIVI handcontrol
Yes, We drive.
KIVI handcontrol allows those with lower body disabilities to use their hands to control a vehicle at the steering wheel. It helps those who are capable of using their upper body despite lower body disabilities operate an accelerator and brake while seating in the driver’s seat. Unlike the existing push-pull handcontrol, our KIVI handcontrol is ergonomically designed to prevent muscle fatigue or injury after long hours of driving and assure a convenient and safe driving with its sophisticated design going well with the interior of a vehicle.
Be Spontaneous.
Wheelable, a light weight commode that is portable and foldable, will bring about dramatic change in users’ daily lives. Made in compliance with a standard toilet size, this 48cm-wide Wheelable fits into most restrooms or bathrooms. It is easily folded or unfolded with one hand and put in the trunk or overhead compartment, making it extremely easy-to-carry. There is no need to remodel a bathroom any more. Wheelable allows disabled people to comfortably use a bathroom under unfamiliar circumstances when going on a trip, paying a visit to their family, or staying at a hotel.
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