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Neo LFN Corporation is a company specializing in manufacturing, importing, and providing products designed for physically disabled people.

Our company’s CEO began working on development of a motorization universal kit for his own manual wheelchair in 2011. After six years of hard-work and devotion, a new motorization universal kit for manual wheelchair called SERVEKID was finally released in 2015. SERVEKID is the fruit of our long and ceaseless research and development, which enables physically challenged people to travel in a safer and more convenient way. Now we are preparing to export our products to overseas markets.

An unfortunate accident could happen to anyone. These days, an increasing number of people become seriously injured and disabled by unexpected tragedies. Besides, with the rapidly aging population, there are more and more elderly people who need auxiliary apparatuses. All have contributed to the growing need for such auxiliary apparatuses. We at Neo LFN are striving to find ways to serve those in need, who need special care and devices that cannot be fulfilled by ordinary kits, in the belief that a little help can bring enormous change to their life.

We are and will be committed to offering people who have limited mobility special products through continuous research, development, and study in the years to come.

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